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Future Device Support

... and the Next Generation of 4EXT Recovery

What's this about?

The current generation of 4EXT Recovery Touch has reached its end-of-life.
The old framework that was built 2 years ago in order to release a 100% touch Recovery is far too limited and static.

This means that adding most of the features I'd like to see in 4ext in the future and some of which have been requested
is absolutely impossible.
But it also means that it's unable to provide a good user experience on the latest hardware with high-res displays.


In order to support the latest devices and to be able to add new features in the future,
I've decided to redesign 4ext, throw away >90% of the source code and build a new, completely different recovery.

The focus is to develop a new framework that is very dynamic in order to make it possible to adapt to
new hardware more easily, to be able to add new features and to prevent this from happening again.

When it's released 4EXT Recovery Control will also get major changes and updates.

When will it be available?

Not any time soon :/
I'm very sorry. It should have been released already, but it's way overdue!
Developing the new framework is extremely much work.
The jump from 4EXT Recovery Classic (none touch) to 4EXT Recovery Touch was nothing compared.
Unfortunately I'm unable to estimate how much work is still ahead.

In order to speed this up as much as possible, the current generation of 4EXT Recovery is in a feature freeze state.
Just bugfixes and only very small enhancements if requested are made to either 4EXT Recovery and 4EXT Recovery Control.
Also only the most important features (most of which are already in the current gen) are going to be implemented at first.

The release is scheduled for "when it's done", but not any time soon.

Future device support

Devices which aren't supported at all yet have the highest priority, because a lot of users who have been using 4EXT
in the past have switched to newer devices and can't use the Recovery or Recovery Control at the moment.
All currently supported devices should get the upgrade too.

There may be exceptions though. It's not entirely clear yet for example whether the Nexus One can be supported,
or whether a slimmed down version will be possible.

Below is a list of devices which are already confirmed to get support.
Those that won't take an extraordinarily long development time get it first to make the majority of users not wait unnecessarily long.


Please don't request for new devices currently not on the list, because there are already too many of them!

The list is by no means a final one.
Especially if the device you wish to be supported is similar to any of them,
it's most likely to be added and might even come earlier than some of those listed below,
but PLEASE wait and don't email me about that before the new 4EXT Recovery has been released.

I get a lot of such mails lately and while I normally appreciate that, they keep me from working on 4EXT.

As soon as the new 4EXT Recovery version hits alpha:

After the beta:

Sometimes in between: