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Feature requests

Please understand that 4EXT is infeature freezeat the moment.

This is because I need to get the next generation of 4EXT Recovery ready as soon as possible
and as such I need to put all my resources into it.

It's an all-new recovery and badly needed in order to support newer devices, but it's also a technical requirement for many possible features.

If you want to know more about that, please take a look at:current status

Most features which are being requested aren't possible to implement for the current generation of 4EXT due to technical reasons.
But what's worse is that spending too much time on this, would slow down the development of the new recovery.
And since the current code is completely incompatible to what's to come,
any work put into current 4EXT will be lost once the next generation is out.

I hope you agree that this doesn't make any sense in the long run.

Answering emails takes time and keeps me from working on 4EXT and this hurts everyone who's waiting for the new release.
So please wait with your features requests until the next generation
of 4EXT Recovery is out.
But remember them. I love and need them ;)

Thank you!